Alumna Kelly McDonald comes home


The Catalyst / Natalie Beier

If you go upstairs to Room 210, you will see a new face in this office: Kelly McDonald, the new Admissions Associate.  She has a variety of responsibilities, including visiting middle schools, scheduling shadow visits, and helping applicants.

Although she is new to the staff, this is not McDonald’s first time on-campus. She graduated from NDB in 2009, which has helped ease her transition to the position, knowing her former home.

McDonald says, “I love seeing that there’s still a huge amount of NDB pride and excitement around athletics and events like Aquacades and the Ding Bat Day rally. Those events made up a lot of my favorite memories from over 10 years ago.”

Commenting on how things have changed since she has graduated, she says, “I also think the amount of freedom that the school gives to you girls is amazing. From the uniform changes, to collaboration and the amount of electives and tri school classes offered – you all really have the power to tailor your experience to exactly what you want out of it. ”

McDonald is also NDB’s new varsity softball coach. She is looking forward to the upcoming season and is very passionate about coaching and how it impacts players.

She has been playing softball since she was eight years old. She played for NDB’s team which won CCS twice and appeared at WCAL. She also played for UC Santa Barbara’s team.  She now coaches a local travel softball team.

McDonald worked in a different environment just before coming back to NDB. For the past six years, she worked with the Oakland Raiders in sales, entertainment and marketing departments.

Comparing the two workplaces, she says, “Being in the professional football league, the corporate environment of who I’m working alongside is 10 times different because it’s a very male-dominated industry. And coming here where it’s all about female empowerment and working with kids and this next generation of women is more of a fulfilling and empowering role.”