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Faculty and staff share their bad first date stories…

2 days ago

I went on a first date with an older guy – He was a senior, I was a sophomore. And, he picked me up at my apartment. But, he said he wanted to pick me up early. He picked me up around 4:30 in the afternoon – daylight – ...

Sibling rivalry heats up with Aquacades

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

2 days ago

This year, I am a senior and my youngest sister, Abbey, is a freshman. I wear green, and she wears red.  We are both in our class solo deck performance, which means we are competing on a personal level as well as a class-level....

Growing up Catholic: A reflection for Catholic Schools Week

Kaitlyn Lopez, Staff Writer

2 days ago

Junior Mia Soracco identifies as a Catholic. She goes to mass with her mom every month and every holiday. She prays before eating meals. She feels very much at home when her family participates in religious activities, rangin...

Q&A with Epicurean chef Sven Dickinson

Clair Sapilewski, Contributing Writer

2 days ago

Contributing Writer Clair Sapilewski sat down with Epicurean Executive Chef Sven Dickinson to talk about planning, cooking, and serving meals for the NDB community.   The Catalyst (TC): How did you become interested in co...

Behind the scenes: ASB prepares for Aquacades

Annalee Wolfe, Staff Writer

2 days ago

Aquacades is just around the corner since it has been moved up to the night of Friday, March 20 because spring break is a little bit later this year. With this year’s theme being Citycades, be prepared to experience a range ...

Valentine’s Day at NDB: Celebrating friendships and relationships

Amelia Kyle, Managing Editor

2 days ago

Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday that is celebrated by people around the globe everywhere. People in relationships, young and old, spend the day giving special attention to their significant others and treat it like a seco...

Students stress over too much homework

Zoe Spencer and Parker Daley

January 30, 2020

Homework. A near-universal component of education, proposed as a way to ensure students review and retain information taught during school hours. Some consider it busy work, and some consider it essential to ensuring that students...

Christmas season comes to campus as community heads into finals

Annalee Wolfe, Staff Writer

January 30, 2020

The NDB community is celebrating the Christmas season in several ways as it heads into the end of the semester, particularly final exams. It started just before Thanksgiving Break with Advent prayer services lead by the spiritual ...

Perspectives: What educators think about vaping

Peyton Daley and Caitlin Earnshaw

October 29, 2019

Interviewee: Stephen Bennett, SRO for Aragon High School and Borel Middle School TC: What advice would you give to parents of teens who vape and to teens who vape?  SB: I give both parents and teens the same advice about...