The Catalyst

2018-2019 Staff

Johana Ligtenberg

Editor in chief

Johana Ligtenberg is a current senior and member of the Titan class of 2019. As the Editor-in-Chief, Johana Ligtenberg oversees all department editors and works closely with Managing Editor, Michelle Kleytman, and Teacher Adviser, Robert Rojas, to successfully...

Michelle Kleytman

Managing Editor

Michelle Kleytman is a current senior and member of the Titan class of 2019. Working as Managing Editor, Michelle oversees the newspaper's publishing operations, collaborating with and delegating work to the editorial staff. Diverging from her job title,...

Parker Daley

News Editor

Parker Daley is a junior at Notre Dame.

Victoria Bartels

Contributing Writer

Daphne Sidoti

Contributing Writer

Ella Burrin

Contributing Writer

Jaya Kapoor

Contributing Writer

Julia Hebrok

Contributing Writer

Jean Aquino

Contributing Writer

Kaitlyn Lopez

Contributing Writer

Kelly Nolte

Contributing Writer

Kendall Peters

Contributing Writer

Luisa Laguisma

Contributing Writer

Winnie Saulala

Contributing Writer

Winnie Saulala is a Contributing Writer for the Catalyst. She is a junior at NDB. She is part of the Spiritual Life Team and Co-President of the I Am Club. She is also a member of NSHSS. She has been an intern at Facebook with the Corporate Communications...

Bella Lopez

Contributing Writer

Senior at Notre Dame Belmont, active writer for the NDB Catalyst newspaper. I personally love taking journalism because I am planning on studying English, preferably creative writing, in college. I took English 1 Honors freshman year, English 2 Honors...

Samantha Ramos


Samantha Ramos is a member of the Class of 2018, the Mavericks.  She is currently a photographer for the NDB Catalyst.

Robert Rojas


Mr. Robert Rojas teaches English II Honors, English III, AP English Literature, and Journalism as well as advises the school newspaper, "The Catalyst," and co-coordinates the Junior class. He has been an educator for sixteen years, including ten with...

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