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Freshmen show excitement for wearing onesies all day.

Day 2: Babies vs. Boomers

The second day of Spirit Week, Tuesday, October 25, brought yet another rivalry, Babies vs. Boomers. This time the underclassmen were pitted against the upperclassmen for much-wanted spirit points. Excitement from the previous day rolled into Tuesday as even more of the student population decided to participate in this spirit day.

The freshmen and sophomores came to school ready to show off their Baby attire. Most Sharks and Monarchs were dressed in onesies or children’s pajamas accessorized with sippy cups and teddy bears. The pajamas were adorned with cartoon animals or fun patterns to fit the Baby theme. Some students braided their hair or put it up in pigtails in addition to having pacifiers. 

“This is the comfiest I have been all year,” said sophomore Angelina Stump. “I just rolled out of bed and put a tutu on.”

Juniors and seniors went all out for this spirit day, bringing walkers and canes to accompany their elderly outfits. There were two distinct styles: stylish grandparents and comfortable senior citizens. The former consisted of pantsuits, large pearls, paperboy hats and many more classy accessories. The latter, however, was more on the relaxed side in terms of style. This included robes, orthopedic shoes, baggy pants and nightshirts. What the two had in common were thick glasses and white wigs. 

“These are literally just my grandma’s clothes,” said senior Abbey Earnshaw. “I raided her closet before school today.” 

Some staffulty even decided to partake in this day, wearing onesies or white wigs as well. English Department Chair Robert Rojas had a different take on this day’s theme, dressing as “Baby” Yoda. He could be seen wearing green gloves and a Yoda mask around the halls. 

During the last period of the day, the winners of the costume competition of the day were announced. All of the winners were upperclassmen, but mostly juniors. Among them were Dayna Sockol, Savvy Sweet and Mallory Moore.

There are still four days left of Spirit Week and that means four more opportunities to have fun and earn class spirit points. 





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