Breaking news: NDB returns to campus


After months of setbacks, NDB announced on Tuesday, February 23 that the school will reopen with the hybrid model starting on Monday, March 1. The decision came hours after San Mateo county was officially declared in the red tier on California’s COVID-19 tracking system.

The hybrid model consists of two cohorts, blue (Mondays and Tuesdays) and gold (Thursdays and Fridays). Students can check their cohorts on PowerSchool. For the first week back, only freshmen and seniors in their respective cohorts will come on campus, while sophomores and juniors remain completely online. The next week, sophomores and juniors will be on campus and freshmen and seniors will stay online. Starting March 15, all students will come to campus. Students who previously opted out of the in-person hybrid option will remain 100% online.

“Please note that students’ Hybrid and Distance Learning assignments were based on the selections that their families made on the NDB Spring 2021 Hybrid/Online Survey submitted at the end of December,” said an email to students and parents from the NDB administration and COVID team. “Students who wish to change their current selection from 100% online learning to hybrid instruction for P6 (the next grading period), must request in writing prior to the end of the day on March 19, and will be evaluated as space allows.”

Before March 1, students hoping to return to campus must complete return-to-school forms available on SchoolAdmin and participate in the school’s COVID-19 testing on Wednesday, February 24. Freshman and senior parents are also required to attend a training on Thursday, February 25 before their children go back to school.