Letter to Freshman Me


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

Dear Freshman Me,

Looking back at the past four years, I wish I could have predicted this. Graduation has always been something you have looked forward to – wearing the cap and gown, having all your loved ones there, going on a senior trip, and more. I know it feels like everything has been taken from you, but you have still learned so much through experience and meeting new people. 

You have learned so much about making new friends, due to not having a great experience in middle school. I wish I could have told you freshman year that it gets better, and that not everything is your fault, and situations are not as big of a deal as you think they are. Friendships can be hard sometimes, but you overcome obstacles by maturing and finding your people. Though you have overcome many situations, it just shows how strong you were then, and how much stronger you are now. You should have been reminded of your worth at a younger age because you felt so much weaker before.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that if you were meant to have a different group of friends or if a situation would have gone differently, then it would have by now. Trust the process, and go through the rest of your life with gratitude. If I was a freshman with the mindset of a senior, I would have wanted more gratitude and trust in my life. Freshman year, there were few people you could look up to besides family members, and now you have made many unforgettable friends that you never thought you would meet before.

Going to college was something you were very nervous about, wanting to go to the right school and a good one. I want others to know that it should not be as stressful as it is. You will end up where you are meant to go, and you should not have any pressure to leave, for community college helps others get into their dream colleges or gives them time to make some extra money. 

Start your work as a freshman and work hard to achieve your goals. If you want something big, go for something big, do not restrain yourself. Most of all, believe in yourself and do not let others define you. Keep doing you and live out your life with gratitude, and all will be okay. 


Senior Allyson Lawrence

Class of 2020

Notre Dame Belmont Gators Class of 2020.