Pro/Con: Should NDB have summer reading assignments?

Summer reading is a necessary evil


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

If you’re reading this, you are probably sitting at a desk right now in a classroom. You have so much on your mind right now since school has arrived in full swing, and the homework assignments that were given to you a couple months back are either on the backburner because you finished them, front and center, or because you have yet to do them, or even nowhere at all because you completely forgot. Whatever the situation, we all have summer assignments. And, for good reason.

I understand that the ideal summer vacation is a hiatus in all its forms: a break from school, classes, and even the workload. And, that is exactly what you receive!

Your workload is curtailed significantly. A basic math assignment took a couple hours at most. Reading the books, yes, did take longer, but were fascinating if you gave them the necessary attention that they so rightfully deserve. And, essays did nothing but make you think critically of what you wanted to say before you said it.

I know everyone knows the feeling of picking up a pencil for the first time in a long time and attempting to write normally. With summer homework, the foresign feeling to such an intrinsic concept is diminished. You don’t have to feel as overwhelmed as you would if you were to have a three-month-long-break without touching a single piece of writing or mathematics exercise.

So, whether you are on the side of pro or con, you must agree that summer assignments are not only essential to upholding and working your developing mind, but also to maintaining a balanced lifestyle during a vacation that transitions into seven hour day, five days a week. And if you can’t agree with that, then how about we settle on a necessary evil?