Junior Bea Ross performs in international dance competition

Earlier this month, Junior Bea Ross traveled to Scotland to compete in the 2017 All Scotland Championship in Irish dancing.  The competition took place at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall from October 5 through 8.

When asked to describe how the competition went for her, Bea explained there are three rounds. The first two rounds are a solo dance that all contestants must do.  The third round is also a solo dance, but limited to invited contestants only.

Bea was very happy with her performances. She says, “I got called back which was pretty cool because it’s my first overseas competition and only about 50% get called back.” She finished 29th out of 75 contestants.

Her participation in this championship qualified her for a world competition.

To prepare for competitions, Bea attends a two hour long group dance class at a studio in downtown San Francisco, five days a week. She also practices dancing everyday, eats a gluten-free diet, and does not stay out late.

For the competition, contestants have to wear a traditional Irish dress.  Bea said her costume is custom-made with various designs and shapes and costs about $3,000.  It lasts for about a year to a year and a half before the style changes and she has to get another costume.

Bea has been involved with Irish dancing for the past eleven years.  She says her friends made her come to class with them and, after three or four years, they gave up, while she kept going.

She loves the connections she has made. She says, “I love the friends I made through dance. I have friends in Canada and on the east coast.”