Juniors celebrate with ring ceremony


The Catalyst / Caitlynn Reynolds

Some juniors are admiring their rings after the ceremony.

The Juniors had their junior ring ceremony November 7th in the Moore. Students like Sofia Gomez stated that she “thought it was very fulfilling”.


While the rings are beautiful, the meaning behind them was more important. Gomez said, “What was special about my ring was that it was a simple ring and it matches my personality, and it is also something I can keep forever”.


This day will be a day for the juniors to remember to show how far they have come and to celebrate their growth at NDB. Lynne Pan said, “ I’m really excited since the junior ring is to celebrate us growing up”.


The priest did an amazing job describing how the ring was like a wheel. He talked about how there will be ups and downs in life and how it’s just the circle of life. Gomez agreed that she really, “liked how the priest said the ring was like a wheel”.  


This event was meaningful to the juniors and their experience is one they will hold in their memories.