Poll: What are your favorite things to do during the holidays/winter?


The Catalyst / Ariana Kraemer

Athena Carvallo spending time with friends at a Christmas party.

Ariana Kraemer, Staff Writer

The Christmas holidays are on their way and everyone has something they enjoy doing. Some, like Mr. Lucian, enjoy watching sports while others may enjoy movies. The winter break is a great way to spend time with family and friends while eating amazing food.

Sitting by the Christmas tree and doing jigsaw puzzles seem to be a popular activity during the holidays, as well as reading books. Ms. Hegarty said she loves to sit by the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music with her grandchildren.

Central Park has an ice skating rink open for students like Anna Keim to go with friends or family. Some students like Jessica Ai travel to go skiing or snowboarding during their holiday break.

Sophia Vahabi said that she enjoys wrapping presents for her family and watching movies. Hallmark movies are always popular during this time of year and many students said they enjoy watching the movies.  

With the winter holidays around the corner, students have many fun and memorable events waiting for them.