Ding-Bat Day Halloween rally


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

The Spartans cheer their hearts out in during their last Ding-Bat Day rally.

The Ding-Bat Day rally is a NDB Halloween tradition and a fun experience that students look forward to each fall. 

The event runs much like usual NDB rallies, with each class vying for the most spirit points by cheering loudly, supporting their sister class and winning games. ASB planned and led the rally, which was complete with a video intro, flamboyant outfits and plenty of school spirit. 

Each class marched into the Moore Pavilion with class spirit, sister class support and a great deal of style. This was especially true for the seniors, who marched in following student council Spirit Director Megan Sarhatt and the blue Spartan flag she held aloft. Once in the center of the gym, the class chanted and then dropped ‘dead’ to the floor before going to their seats. 

ASB brought no shortage of their own surprises. Each member was dressed up as a character from “Scooby-Doo”, including the iconic box of scooby-snacks. With a creative video to start the rally off, the five seniors followed signs of a mysterious Halloween monster haunting NDB’s halls. In the end, the creature was unmasked to reveal history teacher Jonathan Tomczak. 

The Spirit Squad also performed. The sophomores and seniors performed together, dressed in white shirts coated with blood. After they sat down, the freshman and junior team stepped out and gave the audience a show. Both were complete with lots of aerial stunts and even back handsprings. 

The rally did run a bit short though, ending with about 25 minutes left for students to work during collaboration. 

Ding-Bat Day rally has a twist, with each of the usual proceedings a bit spookier. With lots of thrills and surprises, the event included a mummy wrapping contest and a spooky game of musical chairs, which the juniors won. Students experienced plenty of audience participation and much Halloween vibes.