Opinion: Will we ever return to school?


The Catalyst / The Catalyst Staff

What will school assemblies and prayer services look like with social distancing?

The big question is if students will ever be able to return to school again after COVID-19. Many schools have made various statements that they will be returning in the fall of 2020, but the stay at home order will most likely be extended again.

Students are stuck at home with their teachers attempting to teach them new lessons through Zoom, which is not as efficient as learning in a classroom. Online distance learning will only make studying for finals week even harder. Students are easily distracted with more freedom at home, which makes the learning process a bit more difficult.

Being in quarantine for this long makes students feel hopeless and questioning as the days go by if they will ever return to school. They are starting to miss seeing their friends by not making memories they could be making during their teenage years.

“I’m mainly worried about being able to adjust back into physically going to school. I am also excited to hopefully see everyone’s faces again,” Freshman Carina Carlson said.

It will be highly unlikely for students to return to school in the fall if people continue to go outside during quarantine. There are definitely going to be new precautions when students eventually return. I personally believe that students may have to wear facemasks, stay six feet apart, wipe down desks after every class, and incorporate more methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

School days will never look the same anymore. If worse comes to worst, I believe that schedules may change where only half of the students will attend one school day, and the other half will stay home to only attend the next school day. This idea could have a possibility of coming true to reduce the number of crowds for the risk of COVID-19.

Even though it may seem ridiculous to go to these extremes, this may be the new normal for students around the world. If the situation continues to get worse with more COVID cases arising, students may have to get used to using Zoom until 2021.

“[American University is] just playing by ear, and they are checking in with us every few weeks, which is nice. Hopefully, I get to go in the fall, but if not, my family and I are still moving to D.C.,” Senior Chloe Mohan said.  She is attending American University in the fall.  She feels nervous and excited about moving, but she is absolutely ready to start the next chapter of her life.