DigPink game raises breast cancer awareness

Caroline McCoy, Staff Writer

Every October, the student body at Notre Dame looks forward to one event: The Dig Pink Volleyball game. 

It is one of the highest-attended sports events in our fall season. Girls in every grade eagerly await buying T-Shirts and announcing to their friends that they are coming to the game. The school spirit floods the halls with posters, chatter amongst friend groups, and daily announcements from the Dig Pink Club President, Olivia Miller. From as early as September, Olivia has been sending out PSAs to students inviting them to join the club and work to put on this amazing event.

Dig Pink was created by Tammy Byrne to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research after the death of her mom, who was a victim of breast cancer. The club leadership position then shifted to Emily Wellman, and is presently held by Olivia Miller. 

Positions of the club range from Olivia’s level of involvement, which requires many hours of hard work and organization, to people who simply want to assist with fundraising and spreading awareness, such as NDB senior Rachel Giovando. 

“I helped to paint posters,” Rachel said. This was her way of showing her involvement in the club. “I watched the game, it was amazing. I think it brought up the morale of the team, because they fought really hard to win and for the cause,” reflected Rachel. 

Another member, Brianna Nunn, wanted to be even further involved. “I was in charge of selling merchandise such as bows, giving out stickers, and selling t-shirts”. This merchandise funds the necessary cancer research in order to progress the technology necessary to save lives. 

Students that are not a part of the club, such as Elizabeth Mendoza, are an example of how much impact the club has on the general student body. 

“I really enjoyed the game. That was really fun you know, like everyone’s decked out. And it’s just a great way to show your school spirit.” 

The community at NDB reflects fondly on the annual Dig Pink game. The amazing turnout, participation from club members, and school spirit are examples of awareness for an important cause. Whether one wants to be heavily invested in the club’s mission or simply love watching a great volleyball game, the Dig Pink game is the place to be in the month of October.

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