January Featured Athlete: Razan Asmar

Rachel Liu, Contributing Writer

Sophomore Razan Asmar has been playing soccer since she was a mere kindergartener, and has gone on to become one of the greatest contributors to the success of NDB soccer’s program. For someone who lives and breathes soccer, Asmar is continuously inspired to follow her passion due her love for her family outside of home; a family that she finds within the NDB varsity team.

She describes her team like her family, saying that, “Even though we all are in separate grades, and are all separate ages, we all work together as a team and all support each other no matter what. So it’s like a little family outside of school and outside our house which is really nice for getting to know different people.”

Asmar did not immediately start out with soccer. She dabbled in various other sports before she fell in love with her now-favorite. She reminisces on the process it took for her to ultimately find soccer, saying “I basically tried out almost every other sport possible, and playing soccer seemed like the most fun to me, and I just really enjoyed it compared to playing volleyball or basketball.” Once she began playing soccer, she knew it was the one for her.

Her parents must have seen the undeniably affinity Asmar had for the sport, even as a young kindergartener, because they immediately signed her up to play through AYSO, a national organization dedicated to providing opportunities in soccer for ages as young as 4.

As Asmar began her journey to find the perfect high school, she immediately fell in love with NDB. She knew the soccer team was already strong, and was excited to work alongside the new soccer coach coming in. When asked whether soccer at NDB was a deciding factor in her decision to attend the school, she instantly replied, “Yes.” She went on to explain that, “Out of all the schools I had been looking at, I thought it would be a really good experience since I heard about the new coach coming in and I liked the school overall as well.” Her dream of coming to NDB to play for the Varsity soccer team soon came true.

Regarding her future as a player, Asmar says she definitely wants to “at least finish out high school” soccer, but playing on a team in college is still, “up in the air at the moment.” Asmar says, “I’m considering it. I’m not fully determined to play. But, of course, if I get the opportunity to play I will.”

Soccer is more that Asmar’s hobby. It is her passion. She uses the sport not only as a method to bond with those outside her grade level and her home, but also as a way to release her pent-up emotions. She says, “It’s a way to release stress and anger through a game, and I guess it’s just a way to express how I feel through a passion. Like when I am really mad, and have a soccer game, it’s really good because I am able to release all my anger at once.”

Razan Asmar and her soccer family continue to defeat all odds, grinding out one victory after another. Just like many other athletes, the unbreakable bonds Asmar shares with her teammates on and off the field is the reason why she will do her best to continue playing soccer.