Featured: Senior Swimmer Alex Loos


Seniors Callie Malone (left) and Alex Loos (right) during their waterpolo season in early September.

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

Spring sports were just underway when their season was put on pause because of the coronavirus outbreak. Softball, Track, Swim, Beach Volleyball, and Lacrosse. Each sports team had incredible hope for their upcoming season. Seniors of all these sports have been looking forward to their final season, and now have to face the harsh reality that they simply are not getting one. A senior swim member, Alex Loos, shared her thoughts on COVID-19’s impact on the season. 

“I thought our season was going really well,” Loos shared, “and I think we all had hopes on becoming closer as a team and making it to CCS.”

Although much of the season is being taken away, she is still hopeful her senior season will be granted to her. “After the Corona pandemic, I hope we still have a little bit of a season and maybe have at least one meeting,” Loos states. 

If athletes are granted the rest of their season, it is going to be challenging. They will come off of a large break and be thrown right back into season. 

“I think if we return we will be so excited to see each other,” Loos says, “but it might take a little while to get back into the swimming shape we were in during the season.”

Campus closure and shelter in place have cut all team practices and competitions, but athletes are still working hard on their own. Though, with swimmers, it can be challenging because pools are not easy to come by.

“Even though my coach would rather see me swimming in the ocean, I haven’t had the chance to do that quite yet,” Loos explains, “some exercises I’ve been doing included going on hikes and doing in-home workouts.”

The coronavirus has impacted everyone’s lives unexpectedly. Whether it be the actual virus or the necessary precautions, everyone is suffering. For athletes, their season was taken. For seniors, their last year of high school was. 

“As a senior, I was looking forward to just spending time with my teammates and swimming at my last senior meet,” Loos remembers. 

Now, Loos and all her teammates must remain hopeful that they get their season back.