Winter sports preview: Basketball is coming with new Head Coach Samantha Rossi


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Alumnae return to play in the annual alum basketball game.

Victoria Bartels , Staff Writer

As winter approaches, the crowd welcomes back its beloved basketball season. The rhythmic thump of dribbling balls will soon begin to echo throughout the Moore Pavilion along with the laughter and cheers among teammates. The girls’ flushed cheeks will glisten with sweat from the mental and physical strain they exert during practice. There is no doubt that this year’s varsity and JV teams are cut out for greatness.

Varsity player, Senior Alexandra Gatt says, “On our team, nothing is guaranteed. This pushes us to be the best basketball players we can be and fight for everything.”

While each player brings an exceptional talent to the court, everyone is curious to see how former Assistant Coach Samantha Rossi will step up to lead her team as the new head coach. Rising to the occasion, she challenges the players to compete for strength and positions.

When asked about Rossi, Gatt said, “With Coach Sam as our new Head Coach, I feel like there will be a positive outcome. She holds us to a higher standard than before, but I know in the long run, it will make us that much stronger.”

Returning players have been vigorously training for months now and are dedicated to their respective teams. They are challenged to do more weight room workouts than previous years. They also had to do long distance runs, one-on-one games, and boot camp with Coach Kate Mahoney.

Rossi takes pride in this season’s strong senior leaders. Even though there is a majority of returning players, the coach says a lot will change. Incorporating lots of competition in every practice, she shared, “We switched up our offense this year, which make things more exciting.”

Much like their new offensive lineup, practices have been altered as well. The players work through intensive drills to prepare for games and work on overall execution and strategy.

Consequently, the girls are learning to utilize skills such as leadership and communication on and off the court.

For example, Sophomore Mia Adao says she became more social and confident through playing basketball in the past.

“I’m looking forward to earning my spot, playing more, and showing that underclassmen are just as prepared and conditioned,” says Adao. She wants to continue playing as a defensive guard.

The athletes encourage all kinds of support and hope to see their sisters cheering in the stands at all home games.

So, do not forget to check out the team schedules to see a game and wish them good luck for the upcoming basketball season.