Q&A: Player from each spring sport

Softball: Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

“My favorite part of the season was our second time playing mercy. We all knew it would be a tough game. We ended up winning 4-3. We all threw our gloves in the air and came in for a group hug. It was a feeling I will never forget.” Johnson said, “our season this year was great, we are undefeated in league and are now going to CCS.”


Mallory Moore

Swimming: Mallory Moore

“My favorite parts of the season were spending time with my teammates at meets and getting to know the new people on the team,” Moore said, “my sports season was fun this year, it was different than last year because we had more meets and overall spent more time together as a team.”


Samantha Gould

Track & Field: Samantha Gould

“My favorite part of this season was the sister-hood, we cheered each other on no matter what, overall with a great coach too, this was definitely an amazing season,” Gould said, “my sports season was a bunch of fun, as much as hard work and effort it took, it was fun to watch my teammates compete and to cheer them on.”


Ciara Mangan

Beach Volleyball: Ciara Mangan

“My favorite part of the season was getting the chance to compete with my partner, our games were really fun, and It was nice to get to see what level we could compete at,” Mangan said, “it was nice to get to know all of the new people on the team, and to play with them as well.”



Lacrosse: Alexa Herrera

Alexa Herrera

“[My favorite part of the season was] definitely our game against SHC that we won by one point after going into overtime twice,” Herrera said. “It was such great season coming out of COVID. Last year when our season was cut short, it was really disappointing but this year’s season definitely made up for it.”