Lakiba Pittman closes NDB’s 2021/2022 DEI Program


The Catalyst / Mia Muzzi

Sophomore Jena Kawar tells Pittman about her interests and shows her “Wheel of Life” activity.

On April 21, NDB closed out the 2021/2022 Diversity, Equity and Integrity program by hosting Lakiba Pittman for a second time. Many students remember seeing Pittman come to start off the program in October and so it was fitting for her to finish it as well.

Back in October, Pittman led an educational activity named “Diversi-trees” in which students drew a large tree on a poster and drew fruits, branches and roots. The activity ties into equality because the students wrote causes of equality in the roots of the trees and then effects of the causes in the fruits. For example, one student wrote that education leads to equality.

Pittman’s goal was to bring awareness to people’s differences and teaches that having the confidence to speak up for others is something that makes the world a better place.

During her presentation she said, “We have to be informed so if we hear our friends making stereotypes, we can advocate and be allies.”

She then reintroduced the “Diversi-trees” activity and asked that the students add to the trees and share about what they added. Many students, such as Julia Oliveira-Killmon, found this activity to be very beneficial to look back on as she learned more from her classmates.

“I loved coming up with fruits and different attributes to equity with my homeroom class,” Oliveira-Killmon reflected. “It was a good break from normal Collaboration and we learned a lot.”

Pittman then introduced a new activity called the “Wheel of Life,” which was an exercise for students to split up the amount of time that they spend on several topics in their life. They reflected on how long they spend on education, religion, relationships and other several important aspects of their day to day life.

Pittman’s presentation was an end to NDB’s unique DEI program, and students remain appreciative of the new awareness and equity being brought to the community this past school year.