4 day or 5 day schedule


The Catalyst / Jennifer Huang

Weekly calendar view for the rest of April.

Before the pandemic, classes used to be on an AB alternating day schedule. Students had 7 blocks, divided up into 5 days. For example, one week would be A/B/A/B/A and the following week would be B/A/B/A/B. As of the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we have been on an AB, Tiger Day, AB schedule.

Tiger Days happen on Wednesdays, where students get the day off. Originally, there was no break in between class days. Students could participate in activities and hold club and class meetings. Teachers and staff can also have meetings.

Being on a 4-day schedule gives students opportunities to catch up or work on homework. Students are also able to meet with their teachers, depending on the office hours.

“I prefer a four-day schedule because I enjoy the day as rest in the middle, and it can also serve as a day to catch up on work that you may have fallen behind on,” said sophomore Morgan Stein. “It’s been beneficial to me because I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet with teachers, and if there was something that they needed more time on, I can take the day Wednesday to do it, instead of having to stay up really late and lose sleep to finish it by the next class.”

On Tiger Days, I am able to sleep in just a little more than I usually do. Waking up on school days is around 6:30 and waking up on Tiger Days is around 8:00. Having a break in between class days also decreases stress levels, and allows students time to work on homework.

“Before it was really stressful to try to organize everything you need to do and try to finish it before the next class, which would be either the day after or in two days,” Stein adds, “and I think the Wednesday has been really helpful to reduce stress and give more time to put more thought into your work…instead of having to rush it last minute.”

The 4-day schedule allows students to get assistance as needed, from their teachers or counselors. It is a mental health day and a rest from school work. The 4-day schedule provides a better opportunity to take a day off and get my work done.