The new B-day schedule


The Catalyst / Brooke Horvai

NDB’s blue cohort waits outside between class periods while teachers clean the classrooms.

In order to accommodate the new hybrid model, the administration has decided to change the B-day schedule. Before, the schedule was Block 5, Block 6, lunch, Block 7, collaboration, and dismissal. Now, however, the schedule puts all classes together, 5, 6, 7, and sends students home to eat lunch and have collaboration.

With this drastic change comes benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, the lack of a lunch break makes for a shorter school day. It is nice to come home and essentially be done with school so early, especially on Fridays. However, it is also inconvenient, and having three class periods in a row is exhausting.

“It’s just really hard,” said sophomore Sofia Frisz. “If you have honors feels like a lot when it’s back to back.”

A common issue that has surfaced has been students and teachers getting hungry. Typically, lunch is at 11:15, and most girls start craving food around 10:45. Unfortunately, the new schedule puts lunch a little after 12:45. At that point, most people on campus are beyond hungry.

“I personally got really tired,” said Frisz. “I’m so used to having lunch, and then when I’m at home I’m able to have snacks whenever.”

Not being able to eat has caused some issues with focusing. Girls are unable to focus on the class at hand because of their hunger. NDB has recommended bringing small snacks to eat between classes, which will become customary in the coming weeks.

On March 12th, NDB announced that they will once again be changing the b-day schedule. It will return to something akin to an a-day, with the two classes, lunch, and then another class. However, students are required to leave campus after their seventh block and spend collaboration at home. This change will be put into place starting Tuesday, March 23, and it will be interesting to see how another change will affect the new hybrid model.