The end of NDB Cheer and Pom’s seasons


The Catalyst / George Retalas

The NDB JV Cheer team last season at USA Nationals in Anaheim.

The NDB Spirit Squad will not be cheering for football or basketball games this season. Due to the pandemic, sports have been pushed back and there will most likely have no one allowed on the field or in the stands.

As much as I would complain about them, I’m going to miss practices. I’m going to miss just getting to be with everyone

— NDB senior Alyssa Enriquez

The news was broken by the coaches to the cheer team that there will be no season. Meaning, cheer will not be able to have a competition season, normally competing in the USA Nationals. Not having a season affects seniors, especially those who have been cheering since their freshman year.

“As much as I would complain about them, I’m going to miss practices. I’m going to miss just getting to be with everyone,” said NDB senior Alyssa Enriquez. “ I’m going to miss waking up at three in the morning to get ready. I’m literally gonna miss everything about it, even the things that I like said I didn’t like.”

Freshmen are also affected by not being able to get to know people on the team to really have the freshman experience.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to go to any games this year, but it was kind of expected,” said NDB freshman Laura Lipton. “I think that the practices were really good, but I definitely think we would have covered a lot more material if we were [in person].”

Since pom is a no-contact sport, they are able to have practices. Pom recently had a virtual competition, performing in the Moore Pavillion.

“I think it makes sense not being able to like, where cheer can’t do stunting and everything so they can’t compete and then there are no games going on,” said NDB pom junior Chloe Einsiedl. “And I really don’t think it’s fair for Spirit Squad to have to continue if they weren’t gonna be able to do anything.”

Pom is hoping they get to go to Nationals the first couple of days in May. Although competitive cheer and the NDB Spirit Squad’s season has ended, the teams will continue to support the Pom team in its future competitions.