Q&A with Stuart Raass: Serra high school football status


The Catalyst / Stuart Raass

Stuart Raass in his Serra football gear.

Due to the pandemic, sports have been pushed back and teams have not been able to play. The Catalyst interviewed Serra sophomore, Stuart Raass, on what his football team has been up to for this season.

The Catalyst (TC): What are the plans for the football team this season?

Stuart Raass (SR): They’re pushing to play right now, but there’s nothing in particular that we have that I’ve heard. We’re still having things like conditioning and stuff, but there are no set dates for actual games.

(TC): How has your team been doing practices during the pandemic?

(SR): Well, we haven’t done any actual practices, it’s mostly just been conditioning. And we have to do small groups and we split up. We split up on the baseball field and we have two teams on the football field.

(TC): Are there any different requirements for the team (workouts, practices)?

(SR): I haven’t been going to conditioning, because of where I live. But, we condition twice a week and we just do whatever the coach tells us to do basically.

(TC): What are your hopes for this season?

(SR): Just be able to play honestly that all. Yeah, that’s literally, like, just to play.