Q&A with Sebi Aliaga: How are you coping without playing/watching sports?


The Catalyst / Sebi Aliaga

Sebi Aliaga (left) after a football game.

The Bay Area community has been affected in many ways by the COVID-19 sports protocols that have been put in place. Many students and athletes have voiced their opinions and disappointments in not being able to play and participate in their school’s sports programs. The Catalyst interviewed Sebi Aliaga, a freshman at Bellarmine High School, about how he wished the circumstances were different and he were able to play high school football.

The Catalyst (TC): What do you miss most about being in a normal sporting event?

Sebi Aliaga (SA): I think I miss just the atmosphere of the competition. Just being back on the field with a crowd around you in the middle of a game. The feeling of being back in a true competitive game.

(TC): What would you say is the worst thing about missing out on sports this year?

(SA): This year for me it would definitely be meeting new people. It would have been really nice to be able to meet people through sports, as you commonly do in high school.

(TC): So, is that what you would consider you were most looking forward to?

It would have been really nice to be able to meet people through sports”

— Sebi Aliaga

(SA): Definitely that and outside of that, just being able to play in a really organized game and really get the feel of a true high school sporting event.

(TC): Would you say you would go to your high school games in particular or anybody’s?

(SA): I think it’s definitely a lot cooler to go to your high school’s’ games, because you’re sitting there like, “Oh, that guy’s in my homeroom,” or something like that. It’s the experience of how you know the people who are playing in the game. It’s the feeling of where you can have a more relaxed time, and not as focused on the game.

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