Meet the Dragons


NDB hangs a Welcome sign on campus for the Dragons.

This year, NDB welcomes the Dragons to the community. In the past few weeks, the Class of 2024 has experienced a transition to high school like no other due to the added challenges of distance learning. Nonetheless, they have already become a part of NDB, getting their class color (green) and voting to make their mascot the Dragons.

Over the summer, freshmen were matched up with members of the junior class who shared common interests as part of the “Sister” program started last year.

“The whole point of this sister program is to have that first point of contact, that person that you can reach out to, and now that you’re not seeing everybody in the halls, having that person that you know you can reach out to is important,” said Freshman Class Coordinator Jonathan Tomczak.

To start off the school year, freshmen participated in the first ever Zoom Freshman Orientation, organized by Link Crew, a student-led leadership board dedicated to helping freshmen transition to high school. During Freshman Orientation, the Class of 2024 got to know each other and the school better through bonding activities.

“I think that Freshman Orientation went well over Zoom. I think the freshmen all felt open to sharing and talking to one another, even though it was not in person,” said Link Crew member, Renee D’Arcangelis.

On September 15, the freshman class council was elected. President Julia Oliviera Killmon, Vice President Annie Lester, Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Clyne, Activities Director Mia Muzzi, Athletics Director Mallory Moore, Spirit Director Addison Fine, and Historian Megan Worry will represent their class for the 2020-2021 school year.

“[My goals are] to bring everybody together, which obviously is really difficult right now, and just to listen to everybody, get everyone’s input on stuff, so like if somebody wants more mental health stuff, we will definitely take that into consideration,” Killmon stated. “Just listening to freshmen is important because I feel like sometimes maybe because you’re the youngest at the school you don’t feel like you have a voice.”

Although this year’s incoming freshmen are challenged by having to meet each other through online formats, this hasn’t stopped them from quickly embracing NDB’s school spirit.

“I have seen just an incredible amount of school spirit already. It’s unique just because sometimes different classes take a while to get their feet under them and to really embrace all the opportunities that Notre Dame provides, but I’ve seen the Dragons just charge ahead… They love Notre Dame and they love being a Notre Dame student, and they’re taking full advantage of everything that we have to offer in our current virtual format,” said Tomczak.

Their spirit has already helped the Dragons take the lead in class spirit points, starting their high school years off right.