Crystal Springs Cross Country Course closes after fifty years

The Crystal Springs Cross Country course is a scenic stretch of land in Belmont, California.

The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of the city of Belmont.

The Crystal Springs Cross Country course is a scenic stretch of land in Belmont, California.

After nearly fifty years, the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course in Belmont, California is closing to public use. According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, the decision to close the course was based on its expensive upkeep, which the San Mateo County Community College District could not afford.

While there are other beautiful courses available for future cross country meets, Crystal Springs was a popular spot for San Mateo County high school cross country teams to practice and compete. It was a favorite amongst runners, coaches, and parents alike. Its location above Interstate 280 provides a clear view of the Crystal Springs Reservoir and mountains leading to Half Moon Bay. 

“I think its closure is really sad,” NDB Cross Country runner Chloe Powell said. “I have been running there with the team for meets since my freshman year. It is a really pretty course, so I am sad to know that our program may not be able to use it anymore.”

While the course will no longer be run by the SMCCD, there has been talk of the course being taken over by another organization and will possibly remain open in the future. 

“[I am upset] in a way because the course was managed by a longtime local track and cross country coach and he made sure everything was always perfect up there,” NDB Athletic Director Jason Levine said. “[At the same time] I am not upset about it because I believe another school or group will take up the responsibility to manage the course so that local runners and hikers will still have a place to call home.”

“This will not impact us here at Notre Dame,” Levine continued. “The course will remain open this fall, so that means we can practice and race in events. After this fall, we believe another group will manage the course, so we will [hopefully] still have similar access during our season.” 

Overall, NDB Cross Country and other San Mateo County cross country teams are mourning the loss of the historic and beautiful Crystal Springs Cross Country Course and are hoping for its return under new management very soon.