Easy ways to stay fit during quarantine

While we are all stuck in our homes, it is easy to slip into habits that do not require much effort. Watching Netflix, eating potato chips, taking naps… you get the idea. In all honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being lazy and giving yourself time for rest and relaxation. However, it is important to stay active in order to maintain a stable routine and prepare for a busy post-quarantine life that lies ahead. According to Harvard Medical School, exercise even has positive effects on the brain, helping to prevent depression and anxiety. 


A few simple ways to get exercise during quarantine are: 

  • Going for a walk around your neighborhood. Just stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air is good for your body and can instantly lift your spirits. While most activities performed in San Mateo County require face masks, walking around the neighborhood does not.  Leaving the house can install a sense of normalcy and remind you that the outside world still exists. 
  • Cleaning the house. While this may seem like an unorthodox form of exercise, cleaning requires a lot of upper-body movement through sweeping, moving boxes, or throwing things away. Not only does cleaning get you active, but it also keeps your house tidy. 
  • Watching online workout videos. There is currently an abundance of workout videos at all skill levels available on YouTube, Instagram, and fitness blogs. Many of these workouts last less than an hour, so it is very easy to fit these into your schedule. 

Fellow members of the NDB community also have good recommendations for staying active during quarantine: 

  • “The best form of exercise for me is conditioning and ball-control workouts with my volleyball team,” Junior Sofia Schnabel said. “I do these workouts for thirty minutes to an hour, twice a week. They’re definitely intense, but they keep me moving. I would definitely recommend doing something similar.”
  • “I recommend doing anything that gets your heart rate up and maybe even breaks a sweat,” parent and physician, Dr. Vanessa Ortiz, said. “My family and I enjoy going on daily walks within a five-mile radius around our home. The workouts you choose to do definitely do not have to be high-intensity, but getting up and moving every day is very important for your long-term physical and mental health.”

Overall, staying active during quarantine is very important to maintain overall health. We are all in the midst of a very scary and stressful time, so doing exercise of any kind can help remedy stress and anxiety that are currently impacting mental health. Staying healthy is a key part in getting through this as a community.