Review: Cirque’s “Amaluna” wows

Cirque du Soleil put on a breath-taking performance with one of their latest shows, “Amaluna.” This January, the play visited San Francisco for the second time in its national tour. 

This show was loosely based on William Shakespeare’s comedy, “The Tempest.” Prospera, a sorcerous, conjures a storm which causes a ship to crash on the island where she lives with her daughter, Miranda, and her slave, Cali. Romeo, a sailor from the ship, falls in love with Miranda, and the show follows the two as their relationship develops. 

“Amaluna” was comprised of a diverse group of performances, with dancing, gymnastics bars, hand-balancing, aerial silks, and even an act balancing large palm fraun constructions on a performer’s head. The low point would definitely have to be the comedic acts, which were boring and could not compare to the spectacular gymnasts and contortionists. However, the other performances certainly made up for the weak comedic pieces. An all-women live band performed music throughout the whole show. 

The setting itself was amazing. The interior of the tent was decorated to resemble a tropical forest with dim lighting from leaf-like chandeliers and forest sounds playing before the start of the show. Between the setting and the performers running through the aisles, wearing elaborate costumes and interacting with spectators, it was definitely more engaging for the audience than a typical play or show. 

Founded in 1984 in Quebec, Cirque du Soleil remains one of the largest animal-free circuses in the world, and, after seeing Amaluna, it is clear why.

“Amaluna” can be viewed at Sutter Health Park in Sacramento until February 23, with tickets ranging from $69 to $89. “Amaluna” or any other Cirque du Soleil shows are definitely worth a visit.