I heart the candy gram

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day used to be a day where every little kid would bring gifts to school to hand out. They were usually something small, like a heart-shaped piece of paper with a short, impersonal message written on it. Sometimes, they’d be more “complex” with an attached piece of candy. 

As those little kids grew up, physical valentines were a thing of the past, and February 14 was now reserved for those in relationships to celebrate and the singles to sulk. The physical valentines used to be something to look forward to, but now there is nothing. 

Why not? Why can’t high school students celebrate the day how they have in the past? They can. There is a solution: candy grams.

Candy grams are a great way to spread love. However, they do not always need to cost money.  Often times, they appear similar to valentines with a nice note or a piece of candy that each student can send to individuals that they choose. They are often anonymous, but the student who sends them can attach their name if they wish to do so. 

A candy gram would give singles a reason to celebrate this holiday, a reason for them to look forward to it. Receiving a candy gram makes you feel good, loved, and appreciated. Sending a candy gram feels even better.