Featured student athlete: Varsity soccer player Julia Roche


The varsity soccer team is getting ready to start their season on a strong note. With tryouts and the final roster out of the way, conditioning and practice are becoming a daily ritual for the team. The girls have played a few games already, including one against Mercy Burlingame at Avaya Stadium in San Jose as part of the Earthquakes High School Soccer Series. The Catalyst spoke with junior Julia Roche for an insight into the season.

The Catalyst (TC): How are you preparing for soccer?

Julia Roche (JR): I played club soccer, so I was kind of preparing that way and then I worked out a lot before to make sure I was in shape.

TC: What was the tryout process like for you?

JR: We basically just scrimmaged a lot, and then he moved people around to where he thought they would fit best, and then he made the teams.

TC: How long have you been on the varsity team?

JR: I have been on the team since freshman year.

TC: What have practices been like since the season started?

JR: It’s been a lot of running and conditioning, and then scrimmaging.

TC: What are you looking forward to this season?

JR: I am most excited for league and just like flying with everybody because I really like the team this year.

TC: How is your team preparing for league?

JR: Definitely a lot of conditioning. We believe that, if you’re fit, you can win. Also, just bonding together, so we know everyone.

TC: What are your goals for this season?

JR: My goals are just to win as many games as we can.