The complications of school spirit

Does the competition to become the most spirited class help or hurt us?


The Catalyst / Natalie Beier

Parker Daley, News Editor

One of the first things that every student at NDB hears is the importance of school spirit. It is an integral part of the school, from the crazy rallies (including the most unique and exciting of them all, Aquacades!) to service events such as the canned food drive. However, everyone views this participation-oriented culture differently. Many students would rather not participate, or simply don’t care that much about spirit points and winning events. This issue looks at the emphasis placed on spirit at NDB from multiple perspectives. In addition, the Catalyst found through school-wide surveys that many students feel pressured by their classmates to participate in events when they would prefer not to. Because of how important spirit is to NDB students and faculty alike, this issue wanted to present multiple perspectives on the pressures and positive aspects of this culture at NDB.

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