Student on Social Media Challenge


Bella Evans– “I think it’s really cool that so many people are willing to try something new and cut social media out for some time. Social media takes up so much of our lives, and a break from it could be really beneficial.”

Davi Hayman– “I think the social media challenge helps us understand that there is more to life than sitting on a phone all day. Even though it may have been hard for them, getting a break from your phone is more refreshing than it may seem.”

Jordan McGlinchey– “I think the challenge of staying off social media is a big adjustment for people our age because we have adapted to having in in all aspects of our lives. Personally if I did this challenge I know I would have a lot more time to do homework and other thing for school and sports since I would not be spending much time on my phone. I applaud those who took this upon themselves and I am intrigued to hear about the results.”

Jia Druell – “This challenge is a great idea. Social media presents unreal aspects of people’s lives, which is unhealthy. These freshman need to take a breather especially because so many young girls body image will be damaged by what they see on instagram and snapchat.”




Annalee Wolfe– “I believe that the social media challenge was a very smart idea. I personally think that social media adds extra stress on our generation and taking a break from all the chaos is a smart idea. I constantly find myself deleting a variety apps due to the constant effect it has on my peers.”

Avery McGlinchey– “I didn’t know much on the whole “social media challenge” but from what I have heard Mrs. Uhl got a group of girls to delete all social media for a week. I find pros and cons in this challenge because it is hard to take away something; social media, that has been woven into our generation and a way we communicate with our friends and family. Although our parents grew up differently, social media plays a huge factor into today’s generation so I would personally find it difficult if someone took that away from me. On the other hand it could be beneficial for focusing purposes and helping decrease the amount of procrastination on school work, because of social media.”

Nicolette Bolich– “People need to take more breaks from social media because everyone is brainwashed with a perfect image that they should look like. People should love themselves and be confident in who they are.”




Mallery Barnes– “Social media can be used for either good or bad. I don’t feel that giving it up is going to change the core issues of the user. It’s a tool, therefore the blame should be put on the person behind the screen and not the screen itself.”

Tania Ortega – “ For me, I could never give up Social media since it is how I talk to all my friends and stay connected. I can see how it could be challenging for girls who also use it daily, but I don’t fully understand the purpose of giving up Social media for the freshman who have said they aren’t even frequent users in the first place.” 

Sophia Ontiveros – “It could be effective because the girls won’t constantly be checking their phones. The elimination of Social media will lower the amount distractions and I think they will get more homework done.”




Caitlin Musich– “I personally would find it really hard to get rid of my social media accounts. I would be able to delete the app for a week but never my whole account. I think that what they’re doing is really cool and a healthy break.”

Emma Baumgarten“In my opinion, social media is a way I communicate with people including friends, family, etc. It would be hard for me to continue that by deleting my account. I think the people that are cooperating in the challenge are very brave.”

Alexis Curry“I think it’s amazing and courageous what the girls are doing and I hope they keep up the effort.”