Spartans elect its freshman class council

President Jorja Fox to lead the Class of 2022 for its first year


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

The newly elected student leaders of the freshman class council are ready.

Spartans, the votes are in! After meeting in the Small Gym during last Wednesday’s Teacher Office Hours and listening to several candidates for seven different leadership positions tell their classmates why they should vote them, the freshmen class decided who they wanted to lead their class for its first year at NDB.

Jorja Fox was elected president. In an interview with the Catalyst, she said, “I’m so excited, and it’s going to be a fun year. Let’s go Spartans!”

The class also elected Ali Lewis as its vice-president, Nithya Mani as its secretary/treasurer, Ashley Lau as its activities director, Sara Heilmann as its athletics director, Christyn Refuerzo as its historian, and Tory Baer as its spirit commissioner.

The Spartans had been anticipating the day of their class council election since the first day of school. It was nerve-racking for all of them, no matter if they were running for office or voting on who will lead and represent their class.

Although the decision was tough for some of them, the Spartans had several qualified and spirited candidates.

Betsy Frew, a candidate running for president, said, “I love these sorts of activities where I can really talk to people and interact with students… It’ll be nice to get more involved. I want to focus on unity and positivity because sometimes high school can be really stressful. I want to just have tons of fun at the rallies and do lots of stuff as a class.”

In her campaign speech, now class vice-president Ali Lewis, said, “I’ve always liked being in charge and having a role in the student council. At my old school, I was on it all three years.”

She also said, “I want to have a part in what goes on in the school. I want to bring a sense that everyone is here together and a new sense of energy that we have as a freshman class. I’m trying to make sure I’m the best candidate I can be and making sure I’m prepared to take on the role of vice-president if I do get elected.”

In her campaign speech, Fox said that she hopes to “make things run in a fun, but organized way and to unite our class to be closer as sisters.”

She also said that she “was the president of my school last year, and I have already discovered things that work and the things that don’t. I will make sure to listen to every freshman so that they have a voice in the decisions, too.”

The freshman class coordinators are Social Sciences teacher Jonathan Tomczak and Spiritual Life teacher Thea Fiatarone.  The two will guide the new freshman class council through its first year, especially with events such as dances, rallies, Aquacades, and other class-bonding activities.