Sisterhood celebrated at senior Giants game

Titans and Gators witness Giants’ 1st win in 12 games


The Catalyst / George Retelas

A few Titans pose during the game at AT&T Park

Johana Ligtenberg, Editor in chief

On the evening of Friday, September 14, the Titans gathered for the first of many class bonding events: the Tri-School Senior Giants Night at AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco. While those in attendance enjoyed the game, the event struggled with low ticket sales in the weeks prior due to scheduling conflicts.

When sales first closed, less than fifteen tickets had been sold out of the forty-six that were purchased in advance with the senior class budget. Seniors claimed they were attending other events that weekend, including Serra HS’s all-school dance, the Rolling Loud Bay Area music festival, and the Durango Fall Classic volleyball tournament in Las Vegas.

Senior Avani Tumuluri explained why she did not go to the game, saying, “Rolling Loud is two days, so you need that Friday to get all your homework done ahead of time.”

Many seniors did not attend for the same reason as they needed Friday to get ahead on school work or unwind before the weekend.

The event was opened up to juniors in order to help cover the cost of tickets and avoid a budgeting crisis for the seniors.

Junior Parker Daley said, “I think it’s kind of weird because I would feel awkward going since it’s a senior tradition. I feel like it will only be special for us next year as seniors.”

However, some seniors still remained optimistic about the school’s annual tradition and had a great time. Senior Katherine Oliveri expressed her excitement for the game, saying, “I have loved baseball ever since I was kid. My dad brought me to games and, ever since I was a freshman, I’ve wanted the opportunity to enjoy something I love with my friends. I’m super excited to go, and I’ve looked forward to this for a while. I know it will be a great game and it’s something fun and different to do with friends.”

Oliveri’s one complaint was that NDB did not arrange for transportation, taking CalTrain as a group up to the ballpark as has been done in previous years, which she said created a minor challenge in terms of transportation.

Senior class president Preyasi Kumar, who attended the game, said, “I had a really good time!” She expressed that making it a tri-school event added to the evening, saying, “It was fun being able to spend time with my Mercy and Serra friends outside of a school setting.”

Despite the issues with ticket sales, the event ended up being a success, enjoyed by seniors, juniors, and faculty alike.