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Gaby Tiu and Shreya Chatterjee, Editors in Chief

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Our journey began in the fall of 2014 when we, as scared freshmen, got lost finding our first period classes. Neither of us had formed friendships with our peers just yet, and thus we were thrown into the great unknown, a.k.a. the world of high school. We joined clubs, made new friends, and got through Honors English I together (even when we thought we wouldn’t). The last four years have been a whirlwind of firsts – first failed test, first time driving, first AP class and exam, first prom, first college application – and now here we are, facing a world of “lasts.”

We are about to restart this cycle as we embark on this new chapter of college. The lessons we’ve learned, gladly and begrudgingly alike, will always stay with us and will prove especially useful as we enter a new world all over again.

As the year comes to a close, there is much to think about – finals, summer plans, big end-of-the-year projects, and so on. We, as seniors, must also think about graduation and everything we will leave behind once we leave NDB.

Being Co-Editors in Chief has been a privilege that we will never forget as we enter a new chapter in our lives. Our jobs have taught us time management skills that will help us all throughout the future, and just as importantly, this job has allowed us to meet and work with fantastic, dedicated, aspiring writers and photographers. We must admit, we were hesitant and nervous at the beginning of the school year because this was a job with which neither of us had experience. However, we are more than glad that we embraced our roles.

Journalism has been a trying, but rewarding experience, and we first of all want to thank Mr. Rojas for the hours he spent working with us and behind the scenes for the production of “The Catalyst.” Without his help in this new experience, we would have been lost and most likely would never have put out a printed newspaper, so thank you, Mr. Rojas. (Thank you for also entertaining and encouraging our endless conversations about sci-fi and superhero movies; we’ll be sure to email and visit you when the next ones come out.)

We would also like to thank the Editorial Staff and other writers that dedicated their time, writing, and photos to the newspaper. Thank you to everyone who sat in on our meetings and came in to help us edit articles. Without all of you, there would be no Journalism Club.

And, of course, we must thank you, readers, for helping to keep this newspaper alive. It is because of you that we continue to put out monthly issues, and we hope that your interest continues for future years with new staff when we are gone and a new Editor in Chief has been handed our roles. We also sincerely hope that you enjoy your last few years of high school because, soon, it’ll be you in our position, getting ready for what might be one last goodbye to some of our closest friends and people who have felt like family these past four eventful years.

Beyond all the necessary thank you’s, there is something else to be said. We hope that somehow, in some way, “The Catalyst” has encouraged all of you to continue to show interest in the events happening around you, whether that be on a local level or on a global one.

To all the NDB Tigers: “The Catalyst” wishes you the best of luck.

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