Meet this year’s Editors in Chief

Gaby Tiu, Editor in Chief (Print)

 Hello Tigers! I’m Gaby, Editor in Chief of the print issues of the school newspaper, the Catalyst.

My passion for storytelling, an interest prompted by my strong love for books, movies, and television, began when I was a little girl. I found myself filling notebooks and random pieces of paper with scripts, songs, poems, and short stories. No matter what changed in my life I always strived to keep reading and writing as a part of it. This passion has stuck with me and has now evolved into my role in journalism.

This year, I’m incredibly excited to see what the Catalyst has in store. I hope that my role in the production of the newspaper fulfills its duty of providing the NDB community with honest, informative, and interesting news. I believe that good journalism provides people with a voice as much as it does with updated information and hope to achieve that with the newspaper this year.

Shreya Chatterjee, Editor in Chief (Online)

My name is Shreya, and I’m Editor in Chief for the online issues of the Catalyst this year.

Since I can remember, I’ve loved to read. I still have the very first books I fell in love with sitting on my bookshelf, from “Goodnight Moon” to “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” I read all through my childhood, even when I didn’t really understand what I was even reading: I misread the ending of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” and my mom had to explain it to me. Since then, I’ve reread the series dozens of times, of course.

With reading, came writing. I’ve also been writing my whole life: I vividly remember sitting at my grandfather’s old, gray desktop computer when I was in elementary school and writing a story about two girls in Paris. I simply cherish the way I am able to create a story, emotion, sentiment, from only letters, words, and punctuation. In journalistic writing, I hope to write fairly and accurately, while keeping readers engaged.

This year, we are thrilled to have both a Journalism class and club. The class meets on B-days during block 7. The club meets every Monday during lunch in room 124. Both work together to write stories that are printed eight times a year, alternating between 4 page black and white print issues and 8 page color ones, and posted online. The editorial staff welcomes submissions from the NDB community.

We hope that the Catalyst is informative and useful and hope to keep you up to date on the important events and issues concerning our school, community, and world.