The Mandalorian: looking back


The Catalyst / Disney Plus

The Mandalorian returns for season 2 on October 30.

From the moment “The Mandalorian” first aired in November of 2019, it has been adored. From the amazing characters and fight scenes, to the story and landscapes, fans across the globe have found few faults with the new TV-show addition to the much loved Star Wars franchise.

As the October 30th release date of Season 2 approaches, fans eagerly await the return of The Mandalorian and The Child. Looking back on the journey of Season 1, it is not hard to see why people love the show so dearly, especially compared to the other recent Star Wars films.

The story follows a bounty-hunter as he travels the lawless far reaches of the galaxy in search of bounties and money

Ever since the very first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, there has been a very dedicated fan base of millions. The first film, “A New Hope”, made around $557 million, which in today’s dollars would be $3.4 billion. This puts it in the top 10 highest grossing films of all time.

These endearing supporters of the franchise had high expectations though. And when there are expectations for a franchise as big as Star Wars, there are guaranteed to be people who are let down. This was the case for the sequels and prequels that followed the original trilogy. Movies 1, 2, and 3, were met with contempt from many, with complaints that they had ruined Darth Vader, or that characters like Jar Jar Binks were entirely unnecessary. The later films, 7, 8, and 9 were seen similarly. Fans said that Palpatine’s return devalued the original trilogy and that the “new Luke” twisted the character into someone else entirely.

“The Mandalorian” was free from this. Free from expectations, free from the need to uphold old characters, and from the need to be better than something that is already perfect.

The story follows a bounty-hunter as he travels the lawless far reaches of the galaxy in search of bounties and money. Sound familiar? “The Mandalorian” is called a “space western”. The show draws inspiration from the old western movies and TV series. Main character Mando finds himself in duels, bars, horseback riding (or a form of it), and collecting bounties, just like the cowboys did in the old films.

Along with Mando and his outlaw-lifestyle, the show brings an endearing character that is hard to miss, even if you haven’t watched the show: Baby Yoda. This adorable creature has been used in countless memes and is beloved and recognized by even those who do not watch the series. The Mandalorian saved the tiny creature, technically called The Child, in Episode 3.

The pair make friends on their journey, like Cara Dune, an ex-shocktrooper. They visit many planets in search of bounties, all while maintaining the goal of protecting The Child. In the last episode, Mando and The Child are seen flying into space with the catchy theme song playing full volume in the background.

The trailer for the second season came out on September 15th, and gives the audience a pretty clear idea on what the next season has in store. Mando and The Child are seen on several different planets, one snow covered and resembling the planet Hoth shown in earlier movies, and one that appears to be covered by large oceans. In the background plays a conversation that Mando had with The Armorer, another Mandalorian that tells Mando about the Jedi, a race of sorcerers that Mando must reunite The Child with.

Whatever Season 2 has in store for viewers, you can guarantee that it is going to be a wild and wonderful ride full of action packed battles, escapes, new allies, and new enemies.