Body Positive Movement goes viral

Sienna Mae Gomez popularizes body positivity over TikTok


(Gomez poses for a Youtube video)

Sienna Mae Gomez, also known as @siennamae on the social media app TikTok, went viral igniting a body positivity movement that has caught the attention of other influencers, inspiring teens all over the platform.

So popularized by the media is the infamous hourglass figure. In other words, having a big bust and small waist, but somehow acquiring round hips with slim legs. This “ideal” body type is imprinted into the brains of young women living under the impression that this physique is the only one that is deserving of praise.

This generation of young women have often strived to achieve this impossible hourglass figure in order to meet societal standards of beauty. However, thanks to Gomez, it is now trending for young women to embrace the features about their bodies that were so toxically deemed as flaws.


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About a month ago, Gomez had decided to make it her mission to begin to break down beauty standards. She does this by normalizing the typical female body type. This natural frame is not usually shown in the media, yet it is so common and so normal for women to have a little extra cellulite in certain places like the stomach or lower back.

Zoe Enders, senior at NDB, shared the same sentiment as Gomez when discussing this current body positivity movement. “I support this movement and it makes me feel like others too want change,” said Enders. “I felt glad since it helps others relate and continue the movement of body positivity. I reacted positively since young people are coming out to spread a message to other teens on the app which have not been said elsewhere.”

The impact that Gomez leaves on her viewers is immeasurable. One of her fans, Hillsdale High School senior Isabella Thompson said,

It’s honestly nice to see girls getting praised for not having the ‘ideal body’ and them still being complimented regardless of their body size. Instead of seeing people judged for their body, they are getting love. It’s a very big confidence boost.

— Isabella Thompson '21

Gomez dances, with a smile from ear to ear, to viral songs, confident in her body though it differs from what society has painted as “beautiful.” She jiggles her tummy fat with pride and encourages her followers to join her in normalizing natural human features rather than seeing them as flaws. By doing so, Gomez proves to other teens that every body type is in fact beautiful, no matter the shape and size.