New classrooms, faculty, and staff

As the NDB community began a new school year, several newly renovated classrooms as well as new faculty and staff  members were present to greet students back to campus.

Renovated classrooms

During the summer, all of the classrooms on the first floor received a much needed facelift. Foam tiles that have adorned walls for many years were removed, and the walls underneath them were patched and painted. Whiteboards that were installed on top of the building’s original chalkboards were removed, and  a coat of IdeaPaint whiteboard paint was applied.  The old carpet was removed and a new one installed.Campus maintenance lead Rafael Merino explained,  “Ms. Osmond had the idea to renovate the entire downstairs. She wanted new whiteboards for teachers, and we replaced the old carpets with new ones. Hopefully, the teachers like it.”

Other renovations included patching and painting the first floor hallways and reinstalling dozens of the school’s collection of class portraits from several decades on a picture rail system.

One classroom typically occupied by the English department, Room 124, received new furniture designed to give teachers and students more flexibility in the environment and layout of the classroom.

The school’s plan is to renovate the second floor classrooms next summer.

New faculty and staff

The NDB community welcomed several new members to its faculty and staff.

As far as faculty goes, the Science department welcomed new Biology and Physics teacher, Bradley Hoge.  He is also the new moderator of the TigerBots, NDB’s robotics team.  A familiar face from last school year, Ashley Dierolf is now teaching Biology and Environmental Science.

The World Languages department welcomed new French teacher, Marlene Kissell.  Another familiar face from last year, Erika Vetter is now teaching American Sign Language.

The Spiritual Life department welcomed Doug Requilman.  He is also the new Kairos Retreat Coordinator.

The Visual and Performing Arts Department welcomed new Dance teacher, Kristine Chambers, and new Studio Art teacher, Katie Curry.

The Catalyst asked Curry how her year was going so far. She responded, “I’m getting to know students. I think I generally developed pretty strong relationships with students and get to know them pretty well.”

As far as staff goes, the Counseling department added new academic counselors Veronica Gasco and Caitlin Walsh. A member of the staff for many years coordinating the Empowered for Success program, Michelle Bizeau is also now the Associate Head of School, Wellness and Empowerment.

The Admissions team welcomed its new Associate Director of Admissions, Debbie Anderson, and Admissions Associate, Kelly McDonald.  McDonald is a NDB alumna, having graduated in 2009.

In other areas, two familiar faces from the last several years moved into new positions. Alisia Berghold is the Assistant Dean of Student Relations, while  Rachel Shanley is the Dean of Student Life and Leadership.  Advancement received a new director, Celine Curran.

When asked about her favorite part of the new position, Bergholm said, “The thing I most enjoy about my position is being around the girls more. Every girl is different.

After last year’s departure of two longtime administrators, the Administrative team welcomed its Associate Head of School, Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Linda Kern.

These new members of NDB’s faculty and staff help make the experience at NDB unique.

(With contributions by Caroline McCoy and Annalee Wolfe)