Advice from a senior: What I wish I knew as a freshman


The Catalyst / Molly Phan

The NDB sisterhood makes the new world of high school easier to navigate for freshmen.

Transitioning from middle school to high school can be difficult. But not to worry, every incoming freshman is going through the same thing: learning to navigate a whole new world. The most important thing for incoming freshmen is knowing what to expect during your high school experience, and how to manage it all. Looking back on my four years of high school, here are some important things I wish I knew as a freshman.

Although new classes can raise stress levels, they will be some of the most exciting times. Between choosing electives and managing the new block schedule, things can become overwhelming, but in reality, it is all super beneficial. Some classes may stress you out more than others and that is okay. With that, it is important to know when to take a break from schoolwork, projects or big assignments.

Managing time will help you keep stress levels to a minimum as you navigate the world of 75 minute classes. Make sure that you are not getting distracted in class and getting your work done so you have less work to do at home. Also, do not procrastinate; starting something the day that it is assigned and planning how you will go about completing your assignments is a big step. Most importantly, write everything down in a to-do list or planner. Having it all written somewhere you look every day and following the list will help you stay on top of your work.

One of the best parts of high school is that there is so much beyond academics, and becoming involved in extracurriculars is one of the best ways to enhance your experience at NDB. Like a lot of other students on campus, I am very involved. I have played countless sports, participated in one too many clubs and have volunteered for anything I could get my hands on. Athletics and extracurricular activities are some of the best ways to meet new people and to keep yourself busy after school rather than just going home and sitting in your room. Through my sports and extracurriculars, I met a ton of great friends and found something I am really passionate about. Getting involved is a great way to find your passion and to boost your resume for later on in life. Discovering what you love to do is one of the best things you can accomplish in high school.

Finally, one of the most important points is that friends can be a lot to manage. Finding positive people to surround yourself with will help you grow throughout high school. Having a support system during high school will help you enjoy your time. If you feel like you are in between friend groups or having a hard time finding your crew, talk to someone. There will always be a friendly face you can turn to for help at NDB. Do not be afraid to talk to a teacher either; they may know how to help you more than you think. Friends come and go and that is okay. Take the time to find yourself and your true friends rather than trying to change yourself to fit in.

At my freshman orientation, a senior told my class something that I will never forget: make the most of high school because it will be gone like that. High school flashes right before your eyes and next thing you know, you will be three months away from graduation. Four years may seem like a lot, but they will be gone before you can even bat an eye. Get involved, get out there, go to dances, go to football games, find your group and just have fun. High school will not always be easy, but enjoy this part of your life. You will never have another experience like this one.

Freshman year is one of the most exciting years ever. You get to explore a whole new world and a new part of your life. Millions of students around the world go through this transition every year, so know you are not alone. Enjoy yourself because these moments only last so long.

NDB is known for its supportive and close-knit community. Freshman year, you will meet your longtime friends and sisters, so make the most of it. High school is a time to develop yourself and to find out what you love and what you hope for in college and beyond. Enjoy high school, it will be gone before you know it.