Large student turnout for Walk for Catholic Worker



Juniors show off a banner during the walk.

Juniors Kendall Scarborough and Amy Gilbert lead their classmates.

On the morning of September 16, students from Mercy, NDB, Serra High Schools came together for the annual Walk for Catholic Worker.  It is a Tri-School community service event that raises awareness and funds for the Catholic Hospitality House in San Bruno, an organization that provides for those in need with clothing, food, housing, and other services.

Participants are encouraged to raise $40 to contribute to the cause. The students walk to make a difference, support social justice, and earn community service hours.

This year’s walk had the biggest turnout with a total of 200 students, 140 of them from NDB.

The morning activities started off with playing ice-breakers to get to know each other and making posters to hold during the walk.

Students were then divided into small groups prior to the walk and had the chance to meet other students from different schools. Afterwards they were brought outside to take pictures.

Soon after that, the walk began. It is four and a half miles from Mercy High School in Burlingame to the Catholic Hospitality House in San Bruno.

Junior Jasmine Masuda said, “It was nice because we all came together to walk for a good cause. It was really fun.”

The students got to walk through the neighborhood that they were helping. Some students saw, for the first time, the community and got an understanding for the kind of work that the Catholic Hospitality House does for people and what the walk was really meant for.

The large turnout was inspiring to many students and community members.

It will hopefully encourage others to be more aware of social justice issues and for them to contribute to the movement.