Consider the iPhone X

Apple releases the latest version of every teen’s other best friend

Apple has just announced information about its new and exciting iPhone X, known as “the future of the smartphone.” It costs $999 and has several unique features. One is the full screen made of stainless steel glass… meaning there is no home button, a staple of the previous phones. To unlock their phone, users can now simply just look at it with the new facial recognition technology. Then, to access the home screen, users must swipe their finger upwards. The cameras and sensors have been significantly improved to enable facial identification and even mirror user’s face movements onto the twelve new “Animojis.”  And, on top of that, the phone can be wirelessly charged. With this new phone, Apple has taken a big step forward in the smartphone technology game.

Are you going to get the new iPhone?  The Catalyst asked three random students what they thought of the phone.

“The iPhone seems really cool, but super expensive… The facial recognition seems sketchy though.” — Ellie Molano, Junior
“I think the iPhone would be a good buy since it is made with stainless steel and… I constantly drop my phone.” –Kelly Nolte, Junior
“I will admit the new iPhone looks exciting. I just don’t think any of the new features are necessary for me.” -Kendall Marques, Junior