Going to a single-sex school is beneficial

The all-female setting of NDB creates a sisterhood like no other.

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The all-female setting of NDB creates a “sisterhood” like no other.

“What it really does is generate a sense of unity, acceptance and love for its students long before the time they reach graduation.”

As I near the end of my time here at NDB, I can confidently say that choosing to attend a single-sex high school was a very beneficial decision for me. High school is a key time to mature and grow into one’s true self, and a single-sex environment allows people to do this with less fear.

While some are unbothered by the presence of the opposite sex, mixing both sexes together in an educational environment can be distracting for many others. Differences in physical and emotional maturity between sexes can create inevitable pressure for students to act differently than they would prefer to otherwise.

Despite its benefits, many may argue that attending a single-sex school cannot adequately prepare its students for the outside world due to the absence of the opposite sex. However, growing up in any environment that turns someone into a confident, well-assured young person will set them ready for the real world. A single-sex school is one of those environments.

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A single-sex school creates a bond amongst its students that is truly like no other. It is a unique environment that most never experience, one that creates a so-called “sisterhood” or “brotherhood”. What it really does is generate a sense of unity, acceptance and love for its students long before the time they reach graduation.

When I entered into NDB as a freshman, I worried that I would miss out on common high school experiences that co-ed schools offer. While NDB does not have its own football games or a homecoming dance, what it does offer is much more unique. Aquacades is an experience like no other, filled with youthful fun and amazing school spirit. Who knew such a small school could make so much noise in just one night? As for football games, NDB (like many other all-female schools around the country) has a brother school with a very lively football program, so we are not missing out on much in that aspect either.

Once I was officially integrated into this single-sex environment as a freshman, I sincerely forgot that there was anything missing. I am incredibly fortunate to have spent the last four years in such a supportive place that allowed me to blossom into who I am today.