Three athletes participate in fall signing day

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

On November 25, a group of students, faculty and staff, and family and friends gathered in the Moore Pavilion to support three seniors and student athletes: Lauren Harrison, Hannah Kawar and Taylor Russon. These students’ academic and athletic achievements have provided them with the opportunity to sign to their dream schools and play the sports they excel in at the collegiate level.

Harrison is excited to continue playing beach volleyball at USC, while Kawar prepares to attend UC San Diego to play water polo. Russon will continue her gymnastics career at the University of Washington.

“This sport has helped to make me the person I am today. I am forever grateful to, not only my parents, but to all of my coaches who have helped me get where I am today,” Harrison said.

“This opportunity means so much to me because not only do I get to continue playing the sport I love, but I get to do it at a school I feel in love with,” she continued.

“I can’t wait to play [water] polo next year with such an amazing team. I’ve met all the teammates and the coaches, and I can say, without a doubt, that there is not a more perfect team out there for me!” Kawar said.

“My mom has always been there for me and she gives me so much support. I wouldn’t have made it through all these years without her,” Russon said.

“I have also been super lucky to have an amazing group of friends at school and the gym that constantly supports and encourages me. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me get to where I am today,” she added.