Yes, NDB should have relaxed its uniform policy

For the 2019-2020 school year, NDB has made changes to its uniform policy. The most popular change was that students were no longer required to wear NDB  polos, but could wear NDB t-shirts instead.

Wearing NDB shirts are better than polos because they allow students to have more variety in their clothing, despite still wearing a uniform. Students are already limited as-is by wearing only navy and khaki skirts or pants. But, wearing shirts with a variety of colors and designs allows students to spice up their uniform instead of wearing the same boring white or navy polo everyday.

NDB shirts are also very convenient to wear to school, especially for athletes that have practice or weight training after school. Instead of rushing to get clothes from their lockers and waiting in long bathroom lines to change, it is easier to be already wearing an NDB shirt.

Another popular change in the dress-code was that NDB finally allowed students to wear leggings for modified-free dress Fridays. Some people at NDB believed that leggings were inappropriate to wear at school because they displayed too much of the girls’ figure. Numerous students disagreed with the policy because all pants can show off a person’s body.

After wearing a uniform everyday, it is nice to wear comfortable leggings on Fridays. Students want to relax and ease their way into the weekend to wear leggings as a reward for all the hard work they put into their classes. There should be nothing wrong with wearing leggings because no one will be distracted or disturbed by the “display” of girls’ bodies because they are fully clothed.

A t-shirt and leggings are not inappropriate or revealing as far more worse clothing items. If students are working hard and putting in all their effort at school, they might as well be able to be comfortable while attending.