Q&A with a NDB alumna and future LMU grad


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

Christina Chu graduated from NDB as a member of its class of 2015, the Gladiators.  She is now a senior at LMU, majoring in Communications and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. The Catalyst visited Chu and asked her to reflect on the college app process four years later.

The Catalyst (TC): What do you remember about the college app process?

Christina Chu (CC): I think I applied to around 15-20 schools. A good chunk of those were CSUs, and they didn’t require any essays. I applied to quite a few private schools, and those have essays.

TC: What did you think of the essays?

CC: If you take the time to dedicate yourself to writing them, it is worth it because, as someone who was not a strong test-taker, I liked that I could really pour everything into essays and portray an authentic version of myself.

TC: What do you think of people who apply to 20 to 25 schools?

As someone who was really unsure of where I wanted to go and do, I’d try to narrow it down to schools that I really had an interest in or enjoyed.

TC: As a college senior, what is your advice for a high school senior?

CC: Foster your working relationships with your teachers. I’m in a small institution now, and I have the ability to form relationships with professors and go to their office hours. I think I took that for granted in high school. Your teachers are there as a resource.