How old is too old to go trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Photo courtesy of Flicker Creative Commons

Halloween is an annual holiday that has been celebrated by children in the U.S. for many years. There are many adults and teens that still celebrate and dress up for Halloween, even though the holiday is mainly catered towards kids. This leads to the common question: How old is too old to go trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Even though Halloween is known mainly for child involvement, with the theme of dressing up and receiving free candy, Halloween should be open to all ages. Spirit Week at NDB allows us students and faculty members to have fun and dress up every day of the week leading up to Dingbat Day. Many students and even teachers participate in the NDB costume contests to show off their creativity skills for their best costume ideas.

Halloween brings families, friends, classmates, and teachers together to celebrate one special day. Some argue that since free candy is given out that it should be aimed towards children. Some adults are not pleased when they see teenagers at their doorstep, a population that has access to candy whenever they please. There are people all over the country that take Halloween too seriously, even instating age limits for trick-or-treating.

According to TODAY News, in Virginia there are numerous cities that have an age limit of twelve years and under to be eligible for trick-o-treating. TODAY News also says that there are some states that will fine teenagers $100, or even arrest them for being too old to go trick-or-treating.

SFGate says that there are even college students that still go trick-or-treating near Berkeley. SFGate also interviewed SF residents on their opinions about college and high school students trick-or-treating. Those interviewed said that they will welcome anyone to their homes regardless of age during Halloween. They said that age is not a problem as long as the teens in question are respectful. One of the SF residents said that candy isn’t even expensive, so what is the harm in giving away free candy to students?

As a sophomore, I personally still celebrate Halloween with my friends, but there should be an age limit for adults to go trick-or-treating. Adults should focus on handing out candy or taking their own kids trick-or-treating. It is unnecessary for teenagers to get arrested or banned from trick-or-treating, because wanting free candy should not be a reason for a teen to have a juvenile record. Teenagers should enjoy celebrating Halloween, surrounded by friends and family, not worried about whether they will be committing a crime if they participate in the festivities.