The new generation is losing interest in award ceremonies


Award ceremonies are becoming outdated as time goes on. What once were anticipated events in both the film and music industry are now overhyped and less relevant to many viewers. With the influx of streaming platforms, consumers have access to a wider range of movies and music, allowing discoveries of cult classics or other films and albums dating back to decades ago.

Award ceremonies were born in the late 1920s, and were emphasized throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. They have held immense importance throughout the years, and today, there is still great value in winning an Oscar award. However, the sparkle of award shows has recently dimmed. When COVID-19 hit, it disrupted the somewhat steady views the live shows maintained. The Oscars, Billboard Music Awards, Emmys and other award ceremonies were postponed and had to be remote or forced to follow strict protocols. With the pandemic, other issues were far more important than one night of watching actors accept their awards.

Overall, the shows seem to be “out of touch” or not progressive enough for a portion of the new generation. Many face criticism over a lack of diversity and other issues such as culture appropriation and even sexism. Many Generation Z members believe awards shows to be geared towards older generations with their mannerisms seemingly matching old standards. These accusations have been boiling for decades by now.

Even actors criticize award shows for being too political or not diverse enough. Celebrities like Will Smith, Woody Allen and Snoop Dogg have spoken out about various issues regardings different awards ceremonies. G-Eazy even protested the Grammy Awards over its lack of female representation. The hashtag, #oscarssowhite, was used for many viewers and celebrities to voice their frustrations. The awards shows have shown improvements, however, many viewers have grown irritated with the achingly slow progress.

No longer is there the collective excitement to see if one’s favorite artist, actor or movie will win. Tuning in live does not seem necessary when viewers can access the winners on the internet without having to spend time watching other parts unimportant to the viewer. As Generation Z holds new expectations for the diversity of awards shows and no longer feels the excitement of watching live, the spectacle of these events continues to dwindle.