InterSession program will become annual starting in 2023


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

From the archives: Students attend the SoCal College Visit trip in 2020, the last time that school-sponsored trips were offered.

InterSession is a tradition at NDB that allows students to enhance their learning with experiences not usually found within the classroom. Prior to this year, InterSession has been held every two years in February so that students experience the program twice in their four years. However, as announced by ASB on November 13, 2022, Intersession will become annual starting in 2023.

“After several rounds for feedback and revised planning sessions, we are happy to announce that rather than offering InterSession every other year, we will now be offering this unique learning experience every year during President’s Day week,” said ASB in an email to the school community. “We are rebuilding the program and are looking forward to building unique learning opportunities that will resonate with our students.”

In the past, InterSession courses and activities have been offered on and off campus. Teachers usually host classes centered around arts and entertainment, outdoor activities and exercise or skills that may have not already been taught in high school.

The most popular InterSession options among students are family trips and college visits. Students may choose to take the week to spend time with their loved ones or travel to visit schools they may be interested in for the future. However, there are requirements regarding these off-campus options, including at least one main educational element.

This year, InterSession has been redesigned to emphasize the NDB Hallmarks. Each activity, whether on-campus or off-campus, has an educational component and a corresponding Hallmark which will push students to participate in unique experiences over the course of their four years at NDB.

“Our goal is to build a program that encourages students to experience all types of offerings over their four years at NDB (including college visits, community service opportunities, arts/crafts, “academics” in the real world and much more),” wrote Associate Head of School Jolanda Brezeale in an email to the entire community.

The 2023 InterSession catalog was made available to students on November 29, and it revealed all of the courses, local field trips and overnight trips that are offered this year. Some of the most anticipated trips this year include the Close Up trip to Washington D.C. led by Karen Fry, AP U.S. Government teacher, and Socal College Trips led by English Department Chair Robert Rojas. On-campus course options cover a wide variety of subjects from sewing to street art to self care.

Juniors and seniors had the opportunity to sign up for their InterSession activities on December 2, and freshman and sophomores on December 6.