Powderpuff game returns after four years

Blue and Green team defeats Red and Purple team, 12-6


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

The freshmen and junior students of the Blue team celebrated after winning NBD’s first Powderpuff game since 2018.

NDB held its first Powderpuff football game in four years on November 17. The last game was held in the fall of 2018, making this year’s the first for all current students.

ASB announced that Powderpuff would be returning this year at the end of the Dingbat Day rally on October 31. A form to sign up to participate was sent out to the student body the following day on November 1. Spots on each team were filled by random selection of those who signed up.

The teams were divided into sister classes, with the seniors and sophomores playing for the Red and Purple team and the juniors and freshmen for the Blue and Green team.

NDB staffulty were involved in the game as well. The Red and Purple team was coached by Athletic Coordinator Kate Mahoney and the Blue and Green team was led by Track and Field coach Ronald Douglas. Social Sciences teachers Wendy Connolly, Karen Fry and Spiritual Life teacher Douglas Requilman all served as referees for the game.

“I think it’s great we are bringing back the tradition,” said Mahoney. “It is a great sister class bonding event and a long standing NDB tradition … It’s all about creating a fun event that the students will remember years after they graduate.”

Practices started on Thursday, November 10 for both teams and continued the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during school lunch hours. Practices were thirty minutes each. During these times, the teams were split up and each practiced running plays and other drills throughout the week.

Students celebrated after the game with a color run, hosted by ASB. (The Catalyst / Robert Rojas)

The game was held during student collaboration on the soccer field. ASB Spirit Director Zeina Zumot and Athletics Director Sophia Rask commentated throughout the game.

ASB President Amelia Ailanjian and Activities Director Caitlynn Reynolds choreographed the halftime show for the game. A form was sent out for students to sign up and two students from each class were selected to participate. Ailanjian directed the freshman and junior sister classes while Reynolds directed the sophomores and seniors in a routine to “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” by Shania Twain.

After a great game, the Blue and Green team ended up victorious with a 12-6 win over the Red and Purple team.

NDB junior Katie Johnson recalls her favorite moments from the game.

“I enjoyed working with a team of both juniors and freshman,” said Johnson. “I had so many memorable moments, but I think my favorite was my first touchdown which I threw to my friend Amber. All I remember thinking was ‘Please catch it,’ because it wasn’t the best throw. Thankfully Amber caught it and it was a good start to the game.”

The Powderpuff game allowed students to build and strengthen the community bonds within sister classes as well as within the whole school community. It was also an opportunity to showcase school spirit and class pride.

“Powderpuff is an important community building event for students because it allows students to cheer on their peers and support one another,” said Zumot. “I was really happy to see all the spirit during and after the game.”

After the game, students were invited to participate in a color run on the front lawn. ASB coordinated the event as a part of the Powderpuff celebrations, with red, blue, green and purple chalk for every class color.