Varsity golf season ends, breaking last year’s record


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy of Karin Nebres

The varsity golf team celebrates the end of their season at their senior match.

With varsity golf nearing the end of its season, the team is looking forward to finishing the year strong. The Tigers have completed all 14 of their matches and hope to push onward for the final stretch.

On October 4, the team hosted Castilleja at their home course, the Golf Club at Moffett Field. The team finished the round with an overall score of 261, while Castilleja ended with a 269, resulting in a close victory for NDB.

The following day, the Tigers geared up for their next match against their sister-school, Mercy B, at Crystal Springs Golf Course. Juniors Savannah Sweet and Dani DeMera shot 38 and 46, respectively, putting the team at an advantage. However, it was a close loss for NDB, whose final score was 254 and Mercy B’s 247.

While the team has completed all of their league matches, the West Bay Athletic League Championship is what truly marks the end of the season. Golf’s league championship consists of 18-hole round of golf, which is much more rigorous compared to the usual 9-hole matches. To qualify, players must have a scoring average of 60 and under. Unlike regular matches, there is no maximum score of double par, meaning players cannot pick up their ball once a certain score is reached. The tournament is set to be held at Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course with the many other schools in the league.

As the golf season gradually comes to an end, sophomore Alexis Hom reflected on the current season and compared it to the previous year.

“It feels like we have so much potential to be so good. And, we’re using that potential this year, and it’s just amazing,” said Hom.

Since the Tigers broke their win record from last year, the team has had a positive outlook on the season and have enjoyed their victories. NDB introduced Spiritual Life teacher, Douglas Requilman, as the new head coach for varsity golf. The team greatly appreciates him for his constant support, drive and commitment to the team.

“[Requilman] gives us pointers, and he doesn’t sugarcoat things. He gives it to you straight, and then he also tells you what you need to work on,” said Hom. “He’s super patient with us, which is really nice. And, I think that he just helps us become better players.”
After a successful season, Varsity Golf has regained their strength for their final matches and are striving to make the championships that take place at the end of the month.